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    Technology is a Great Equaliser
    Corporate social responsibility is
    XAG’s major business as well as our commitment to society.
    XAG Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2020
    The report highlights our actions and accomplishments in advancing UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs). Through innovations and responsible business model, we are dedicated to addressing global challenges such as climate change and hunger.
    Extreme Innovation,
    Empower Next-gen Farmers
    XAG dives deep into smart agriculture and keeps empowering farmers with digital technology that catalyses equal opportunities in the rural community.
    • Unlock new possibility
      for agriculture
      Catering to user needs, we introduce autonomous drones, robot and AI to free farmers' hands and make farm management simpler, smarter and more efficient.
    • Close the digital divide
      We engaged in building high-accuracy field navigation networks that cover 35,000 villages of China. Also, XAG Academy is established to train the next-gen agricultural talents.
    • Empower rural women
      We leverage unmanned technology to break through the physical limit in agriculture, with modern skill trainings provided for rural women to increase their agritech know-how.
    Gather Strength, Revitalise Our Planet
    We help farmers reduce water and pesticide use through precision technology, while calling on actions to lower carbon emissions and promote biodiversity.
    • Less consumption,
      greater development
      Precise and even sprays for crop protection are ensured to target where it is needed, growing more food with 30% fewer pesticides and 90% less water.
    • Reducing our carbon
      We turn to electric powered devices as alternative to oil-fired machinery. 760,000 tons of carbon emission was cut down, equivalent to planting 10.32 million trees.
    • Protecting biodiversity
      Facing environmental crises such as bushfires and land desertification, we push the boundary of agritech to restore the degraded wetland.
    Safety First, Promote Healthy Living
    Improving food security for the table of tomorrow is what we strive for. The well-being of agricultural producers and consumers should be guaranteed.
    • Fight for zero hunger
      In cases of pest disease and natural disaster, we quickly deploy autonomous devices to protect the healthy growth of crops and maintain desirable yields.
    • Make farming traceable
      We work with international agrochemical companies to develop eco-friendly, traceable crop protection solution for the scientific use of pesticides.
    • Create safe working
      We explore the innovative use of drone technology for infectious disease control, to make the world a better, peaceful place.
    Participate in Global Anti-epidemic Battle
    Facing the COVID-19 crisis, we launched the Spring Thunder operation and set up an RMB 5 million special fund to help enhance the capability of pandemic control in China, while providing global partners with drone disinfection solutions.
    Altogether We Grow, For the Future of Food
    At XAG, we encourage diverse culture and create an inclusive network of every stakeholder. We strive to become an enterprise that cares for customers, respects partners, and supports its employees.
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